Illustration photography


On this page I have put some stuff that I made during a Cinema4D course, that i did in 2018. During this course at College or Multimedia, 6 months, 2 evenings a week, i learn to work with Cinema4D. Before I started with it, I never heard of the program but now I find it fasinating. It feels like magic. The possibilities are endless. For me it’s a logical step to develop further into this. There is so much to learn and it gives me a lot of energy. On this page, therefore, some images that were given as instructions from the course; model an electrical device, model an airplane, a bit dull, so that something else was invented within the boundaries of the assignment. And as a last assignment a short animation. ‘First progress then perfection’, with this in mind, i try to get a grip on the software. Also, Houdini, Unity and 3DSMAX are programs that I find very interesting.